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Jo Ann Dillinger: A Welcome Experience Makes All The Difference

“My reward is not the recognition, but the feeling I get. Knowing that I have been able to make a difference in someone else's life.”

One important aspect of implementing a great welcome experience is remembering that not everyone—including some of your finest staff and leadership—enjoys basking in the credit for their good deeds. Applause is unimportant, and perhaps unwelcome, compared to a more spiritual payoff.

“I prefer to make anonymous donations to area shelters and food banks,” explains Dillinger, a Crothall Frontline Associate at Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “My reward is not the recognition, but the feeling I get. Knowing that I have been able to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

That’s why it is so important for management to talk about how new policies, such as welcome experience, improve lives. Many of the best people on your team, like Dillinger, are motivated by more than corporate responsibility or annual reviews. They want to help.

“There was an elderly woman who had no living family to visit her while she was in the hospital,” remembers Dillinger. “She was lonely and depressed. The first time I visited her, we just talked and talked. She was so glad she cried! The second time, I took her a stuffed animal. By the time she went home, she sadly still had no family, but she had gained a friend.”

It’s not just the patients. For folks attracted to the field of healthcare because it gives them a daily opportunity to improve the lives of others will find all sorts of ways to help. “At times family members are so concerned about their loved one that they forget their own needs are still important,” says Dillinger. “I’ve bought food and drink for many of them, and they are always overwhelmed and very appreciative.”

“I lend a helping hand whenever possible,” she continues. “There was a mom who was new to the country. She was hoping the first Christmas for her children would be a memorable one, but she was struggling financially. I heard about her situation and was so happy to help her out. It wasn’t much, but all of her children got gifts from Santa!”

We asked Dillinger, “What does providing a welcome experience mean to you?

“The feeling of self-worth is important to everyone! Knowing I’ve made a difference is the best feeling, and I would like to think that I have that impact on someone daily.”

And finally, “What does it mean to you when you’re the recipient of a welcome experience?

“I don’t really like to be acknowledged for doing things that come naturally to me. I’m satisfied just knowing that I’ve made someone happy! It means a lot just to know I’m appreciated. The team I work with is very accommodating in that field.”

And that has made all the difference.

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