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Healthcare Technology Management Training to Grow Your Career

When you're ready to start in the healthcare technology management field, begin looking for programs near you.

How to Start Your Career in Healthcare Technology Management

Healthcare technology management (HTM), also known as clinical engineering, is where business, technology, and science come together. HTM positions range from biomedical equipment technicians and medical equipment installers to repair technicians and healthcare technology managers. If you’re detailed oriented, and highly analytical and technical this could be a great career for you.

What to Expect as Biomedical Technician Professional

A biomedical equipment technician installs and maintains medical equipment in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Biomed technicians perform equipment maintenance, calibrate equipment, test parts, keep repair logs, and sometimes train medical professionals to use the equipment. Examples of the equipment you may be required to work with include diagnostic imaging equipment, physiological monitors, and surgical devices. Biomedical technicians work to ensure that medical devices used for monitoring, treatment, and diagnosis of patients within the healthcare environment are readily available for use and used safely. Those with careers in HTM also strive to improvethe safety of patients and clinical staff by ensuring medical devices are properly maintained.

Getting Started with a Biomedical Equipment Technician Career

One of the most attractive things about beginning a career in HTM is that there are a variety of ways to get started. Educational requirements tend to be diverse; associate degrees in Biomedical Technology, Electronics Technology, and/or the Military training equivalent are all great starting points. The typical entry level biomed technician has an associate degree in Biomedical Technology, Electronics Technology, and/or the Military training equivalent. Some may even have a bachelor’s degree in the engineering disciplines. There are also apprenticeship programs that offer an alternative for those seeking employment and the opportunity to learn while on the job. Crothall Healthcare sponsors HTM apprenticeship program opportunities. In these programs, Crothall gives individuals exposure to develop the necessary skillsets to succeed in the healthcare technology management field.

Growing Your HTM Career with Professional Certification Trainings

Once in the HTM career, biomed technicians may choose to seek professional Certification through the Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Credentials Institute in order to demonstrate a high level of competency. There are several paths to becoming a certified biomedical equipment technician (CBET). One is to earn an associate degree in a biomedical program and work for two years as a biomedical equipment technician. Biomed technicians can earn an associate degree in electronics technology, followed by three years of biomedical technology work experience. Biomed technicians can also meet the eligibility requirements to become a certified biomedical equipment technician by working full time for four years in the field. While certification requirements vary among employers, you may wish to seek out certifications to demonstrate your competency.

Types of HTM Training That Accelerate Career Growth

Hands-on technical training may help you accelerate your career growth, although this training will depend on the needs of your business. Cross-training for several devices is possible, varying in duration. You can also further develop yourself by participating in additional biomedical and management training. To become a manager, you need to focus on management training. Professional development can include an advanced management training program to facilitate career growth. In many cases, Crothall provides financial support for additional training programs to help you reach a management position and grow your career.

Get your career Started with Healthcare Technology Management Training

When you’re ready to start in the healthcare technology management field, begin looking for programs near you. You can explore job openings with national leaders in clinical engineering such as Crothall Healthcare. Research community colleges, local trade or technical schools, four-year college programs, and two-year HTM apprenticeship programs on biomedical or AAMI, a nonprofit resource.