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Christina Gellrich On The Welcome Experience

Christina Gellrich has been the Director of Patient Transport at Crothall Healthcare in Philadelphia since 2011. As manager of some of our most valued frontline associates, she is an important proponent of the welcome experience.

But what does it mean to her?

“I think a welcome experience is an inclusive experience,” she begins. “It means we will serve every patient, visitor, and coworker with respect and open arms.  Everyone will trust he or she is receiving the best care and compassion, regardless of background. Our work calls us to make the conscious choice to treat others with kindness and respect, no matter our circumstances, no matter our emotions. When you weave the thread of kindness into the very fabric of your life, you will be strengthening your character in return. Kind words cost nothing, but when spoken at the right time, they can be priceless.”

The welcome experience has helped her build her team, which “is full of talent,” by helping her open doors for them to grow professionally. But she didn’t realize how much it would help them—as well as the patients—connect with other teams in a welcoming way.

“Every month, my team awards a hospital employee with the ‘Helping Hands Award,’ which recognizes those who go above and beyond to collaborate with us. One month, we awarded an ER nurse—the first time anyone had won from the ER. She was both surprised and shocked to receive the trophy.”

“We had all worked together for many years, but she never realized how much her support helped us take care of the patients. Our departments now work closely together, and I’m confident that the partnership and collaboration between our teams has a direct part in providing the best care to the patients.”

Patients are, of course, top priority. Working in a culture that values going the extra mile for someone, even if it’s not as efficient or cost-effective as it could be, has given her the freedom to help others.

“I used to work at a Children’s hospital for Crothall, and there was a frequent patient whose parents could not stay with her overnight. She was in a foster home, and they had other young kids to take care of. The patient really missed her mom and never wanted to stay by herself.”

“Luckily, I was permitted to keep her company during my off time. The young patient was blind and battling cancer. To pass the time during her stays, we would sing songs from Disney’s High School Musical and take short walks together around the building to help her brave any loneliness. This way, she was able to focus on healing!”

These are just a few of the amazing welcome experiences Hungarter has provided over the years. So we asked her, what does it mean to you when you are the recipient of a welcome experience?

“When I am welcomed with open arms, it brings out the best in me. The kindness gives me the strength to continue making a positive difference in the lives of others—patients, coworkers, friends, and family. I rely on others’ smiles as much as they rely on mine.”

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