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Associate Cesar Ledesma On The Welcome Experience

When we talk about the “welcome experience,” we’re usually referring to one-on-one human connections. For example, teams choosing to work together more harmoniously, or staff members getting the support they need to go the extra mile for patients and their families.

Answering the Call

Being part of a company that operates all over the country also gives us the opportunity to take our welcoming culture into communities that need it most. “When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area,” remembers Crothall Resident Regional Manager, Cesar Ledesma, “I volunteered to support one of our facilities in Webster, Texas.  Another Bench Project Manager, Juan Armenta, went along and we made an executive decision to spend our free time helping out the community.”

“We signed up through a local church to help do demolition work on homes in the community. We ripped out insulation, drywall, sinks, counters, cabinets, showers, flooring, and anything else that was assigned.  We ended up working on six homes during our four-week stay and were fortunate enough to meet some of the homeowners, who asked how we got from California to Texas. We told them how our company, Crothall Healthcare, brought us here to work. They were shocked and overwhelmed by the generosity of our organization.”

Applying the Experience

Ledesma and Armenta were taking personal initiative when they chose to spend their free time helping Houston homeowners rebuild. Which is why we wanted to ask him, “What does providing a welcome experience mean to you?”

“When people look at you not as an employee, but as a person,” he explained. “When they ask you questions about your family and how you’re doing, it means the world to know they care.”

“I strive to create an environment where people want to come to work. Treating them the way I would like to be treated, with the utmost dignity and respect. It’s what builds a trusting relationship with my team. I make it a priority to connect with everyone on my team, with the head and heart, by showing them how much I care about them on both a personal and professional level.  It is important for me to motivate and empower those individuals and by leading by example, so they can reach their full potential.”

A Family With Open Arms

Another great benefit to being part of a big company that values one-on-one connections is that enthusiastic ambassadors of the welcome experience, like Ledesma, have the opportunity to bring others into the fold.

“At a hospital in Tulare, California, I facilitated a hospital-wide training on customer service,” says Ledesma. The training was presented to the administration, nursing staff, and ancillary personnel. Being a customer service facilitator was a rewarding experience for me, both professionally and personally. During the presentation, I was able to see people relax, come out of their shell, and laugh. I was determined to make the class a welcoming environment for the hospital’s staff and teaching them was an awesome experience.”

Finally, we asked, “What does it mean to you when you’re the recipient of a welcome experience?”

“It feels like home,” he replied.

And in Houston, there are dozens of people—people who may never interact with our organization—who feel at home, who are at home, because Cesar Ledesma and Juan Armenta took the welcome experience into a community that wasn’t even their own.

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